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Adrar, The Mountain of the South



This collection is inspired by the sweet moments of autumn spent in the Mediterranean, when we leave the seaside landscapes and go back inland, at the foot of the mountains

and that the hot days of the beautiful season cool off.

The yellow burning sun of summer softens and the plain finds its winter colors, green wet and fresh.

This is the season when the deep green olive trees are ripe, their olives are harvested and pressed, it is also the season for autumn fruits, the fig with a purplish and sweet heart or the pomegranate with sour ruby juice. 



ADRAR, The Mountain of the South

The Southern Mountain is strong, beautiful, and rich in flora with the fresh scent of autumn in the Mediterranean.

Nature changes color and green, brown and purple hues dominate the landscapes.

The air softens and we prepare to welcome winter, so we leave the light curtains aside to cover ourselves with wool and thicker and more comforting fabrics. We adorn ourselves with long and reassuring jackets, and we put on our cotton fleeces so pleasant in this cool weather.

The winter wardrobe then takes shape, with pieces relating the colors of the season, and fulfilling this desire for warm softness.

The Adrar collection is about rediscovering the charm of Mediterranean autumn, warm and reassuring colors that comfort us as the days get shorter.