Création d'une collection, partie 2

Creating a collection, part 2


This Blog is the second part of our "Creating a collection" theme, so we advise you to read the first part if you haven't, so you don't miss any step of this whole process.

Chapter 2: Technique

Once the creativity phase is over and the ideas for outfits and universes are validated, we look at the models one by one. 
And it all starts with the boss . We determine a first version of this  pattern, a basic pattern which will be modified according to the desires to be the most consistent with the sketch of the piece: detail of sleeves, collar, general shape etc, this is called patronage
Thanks to this pattern, the first test canvas will be made. This canvas is the first prototype of the collection. It is generally made in a cotton canvas and it allows me to test all the desires from the sketch, this is what is called model making
And when the canvas is changed or improved because the result is not convincing, the pattern is also. There are many back and forth between the pattern and the canvas, until the ideal piece is obtained. 
At the same time, we are looking at the materials that will make up our collection. Depending on the flexibility, the feel, the fall and the style of clothing that I want to obtain, I list the samples of materials from my suppliers, this step is sourcing.
These textiles are also chosen in line with the values ​​of TAMATSA . Our suppliers accompany us in the search for materials that are just waiting to be upgraded , so the choice is made on rolls of forgotten, stored, or unused fabrics, in order to give them a second life . 
When the prototypes and materials are validated, we then create the technical file for each piece that makes up the collection. These files bring together all the elements that make up the garment: the way it is sewn and assembled, the necessary supplies, the finishes and details. A technical drawing completes the file to represent the garment and the shape it should have as accurately as possible.                                                                                             
This technical file and the final prototype are finally sent to the workshop, this is the first step that I delegate and this is the subject that we will discuss in part 3 of our blog.
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